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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Giggs - Can it continue?

For the month of September, Ryan Giggs was right up there amongst our best players. It could even be argued that he was our best player. For a player of his age, that is simply astonishing. Whilst there is no questioning his ability, it is fair to question whether he will maintain this high level of performance throughout the season.

As Vishnu stated in a previous post, Sir Alex could possibly be getting the best out of him now before the winter months, when he won't be at his physical best. If this is the case, then obviously Giggsy's incredible run of form will come to an end sometime around the end of October, meaning that Nani, Park and Valencia have a month to find some form, as any one of those 3 could potentially find themselves as the first choice winger throughout the winter.

Another possibility could be that Giggs is thriving on his return to starting on the Left, rather than in the centre of the park. Let's not forget, he's been one of the best players in the world for many years now, and so it's possible that he may have re-discovered that brilliance in the last month. He was not playing badly in the centre of midfield, however it's obvious that he still plays better football when he is on the left wing.

Maybe neither of those possibilities are correct, maybe it's just one of those cases where a player is suddenly in brilliant form. Maybe there's something that we don't know about that has caused his rise in form. As i said before, he wasn't performing badly at all, but now it seems we are currently seeing him play the best football he has over the last couple of years.

Whatever it is that has caused his rise in form, let's hope it continues for some time. I certainly think that this run of form can continue, and he is experienced and mature enough to know how to maintain a consistent performance. He will definately be fantastic to watch in our upcoming games.

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