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Friday, September 4, 2009

That One Day in September

No, i'm not talking about the AFL Grand Final. In this instance, i'm talking about the 1st day in September, when we finally hear the end of all the lame transfer rumours that many of our "fans" seem to believe every time... Sir Alex eyes off Kaka... Ribery to United... United to bid for Aguero... Villa to possibly move to Old Trafford... the list of ridiculous transfers goes on and on.

So now that we're finally out of that phase, let's look at the changes to our squad that have taken place over the summer transfer period. On the surface, losing World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo and striker Carlos Tevez both sound like massive blows that we can't recover from. However, they may turn out to be the right moves in the long run.

Ronaldo's replacement, Antonio Valencia, is certainly showing why Sir Alex chose him to replace CR7. Of course, Ronaldo is the better player, but the constant hissy-fits and the assumption that he was the one-man-team out there was not the best thing for the squad, long term. signing Valencia gives us a pacy, skilled, more traditional winger who is providing well so far for the strikers. With the right training from Sir Alex, i think we will see Valencia turn into a special player.

Many people, myself included, were very sceptical about the idea of us signing Michael Owen on a free... i even had a go at one poster on Talking Reds for suggesting such an idea. However, now that it's done, i can really see the idea working well. it can not be put any clearer: Tevez was turning into another Ronaldo (wanting to move elsewhere), and this has only got worse now that he's switched allegiances to City. I feel that Owen is a better quality player, and that losing Tevez and gaining Owen is certainly a very successful transfer. His experience will be invaluable for the fast developing Macheda, giving him a quality, experienced striker from which to learn from.

Obertan, although currently injured, i feel will be a great success. It's hard to say how much game time he will get once he returns from injury, hopefully we see something of him this season. He certainly sounds like a very talented and promising player, and Sir Alex has stated that he will have "no problem fitting in" at United. He could be a second replacement for both Ronaldo and Tevez.

Of the other transactions, both Diouf and Pogba certainly sound promising, however i don't think we will see much of them for a few years to come. In terms of who we sold, losing Manucho and Campbell will certainly be a significant loss, but the arrivals of Owen, Diouf and Obertan, plus the emergence of Macheda, will certainly compensate for them.

Putting all the doom and gloom from "Football Manager Fans", our transfer activity has not only patched up the wounds from Ronaldo and Tevez' departures, but it has also clearly put us in good stead for the future.

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