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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

United> England

i know most fans don't like talking about international football, but i think we should have a look at it, because if we could get united playing in a similar fashion, we could take europe by storm.
----------------------- Foster
-------- Brown--------Terry------Fe
-----------------Carrick (Becks)
SWP(walcott,lennon)------------------- A.Cole (G.Johnson)
-----------------------Gerrard (lamps)
------------Rooney( defoe,owen)-------- C.Cole (Heskey)

the 3-5-2 formation covers all bases,
-->a stable defensive formation which utilises the attacking abilities of johnson and ashley cole
-->has one "defensive" and one "attacking" winger,
-->has a true defensive midfielder,
-->has an accurate passer
-->and a flexible attacking trio that is interchangeable and fluid.

in defensive situations, Ashley Cole drops back into the back line to make it a defensive 4, and when he goes forward, Hargreaves drops into the hole left behind him.

for United, i can see this working like this
----------------------------Van Der Sar (Foster,Tommi K)
------- Brown(O'Shea)-----Vidic-----Ferdinand(Evans)
---------------------------------Hargreaves ( Fletcher)
-------------------------Carrick( Scholes)
Nani(Valencia,Tosic)---------------------------------------------------- Evra(Park)
----------------------------- Anderson(Giggs)
-------------------- Rooney(Owen)---------------- Berbatov

-->The combination of evra and hargreaves, along with ferdinand, will man-mark the creative wingers we come up against in europe, eg; Messi, Ronnie, Ribery, Robben, Arshavin.
--> It uses Carrick, Hargreaves and Anderson in their preferred positions and makes the most of their abilities.
--> Nani is the "main man" on the wings and is the creative spark who will provide the crosses and the run into the box.
--> Rooney is used in his most effective position, Berba is at the top of formation, and is primarily there to put the ball in the back of the net.

This kind of formation will also allow for the full development of our young players Fabio and Rafael on the wings, who will no doubt get better defensively, but until then, require solid defensive support. Cleverley, Eikrem,Petrucci in the Anderson role, Possebon and Gibson in Carrick's role, hewson and Pogba in the Hargreaves role, as well as Macheda, Welbeck, Morrison as forwards.

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