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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The International break... how will we respond??

For some of us, the international break is one of those things we wish that they never had to happen. Having no game to watch on the weekend is not something that many of us like. However, it will certainly be interesting to see how our players respond after having a week with their national teams. Any rhythm that we had will no doubt be disrupted, however this could just be the best thing to "freshen up" the squad.

After the Sunderland game, it is quite evident that we needed something to re-focus the players. They looked as though something was lacking in terms of organisation. Perhaps it was simply that 7 of the 11 players out there had been involved in the game against Wolfsburg, and were still suffering from fatigue. If this is the case, then let's hope that they are back and ready for the game against Bolton.

Despite the possibility of this break being the best thing for the team, there is also the chance that it could only make any existing problems even worse. It is a well known fact that for a player to perform at his best, he needs to be playing regular football, week in, week out. This could particularly hurt players like Giggs, who is playing good football, but of course no longer plays for the Welsh national team.

I'm sure whoever the 11 guys are that start on Sunday against Bolton will bring home the 3 points, however it will be interesting to note whether the team performs better or worse than before the break.

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