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Monday, November 23, 2009

Are players too "pampered"?

Sir Alex Ferguson's recent comments regarding players who are nothing more than puppets for their agents, or in his words, "cocooned" and "fragile" has certainly sparked debate as to whether some players are actually still in touch with reality!

In my opinion, Ferguson, whose opinion is shared fully by club captain Gary Neville, is absolutely spot on.

Many players now seem to not be able to think for themselves, and it seems as though this trend is only going to get worse. It becomes incredibly annoying hearing about how players send their agents in to do things that they really should be doing, and paying them ridiculous amounts to do simple things such as "set up their own bank account".

The worst part of all is that when the player retires, they don't know how to do many of the simple everyday tasks, and you hear so often of players running out of money because, quite frankly, they've never learned how to manage it themselves. In the short term, it may sound much easier to hire someone to do everything for them, when the money is coming in, but in the long term, their life skills suffer.

Whilst Ferguson's comments may sound as though he is frustrated with having to constantly deal with players' agents, the fact is that both his and Gary Neville's comments are exactly right, and the whole "pampered player" image isn't doing the game, or the players, any favors.

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