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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Complex being, that is Nani.

When Nani signed for Manchester United in 2007, great things were expected of this 'fantastic' Portuguese winger. It looked an impressive future for the wings of Manchester United, with two of the best wingers in the world, who surprisingly both play for Portugal.

And after an inspiring first season for the reds, which included terrific performances against Arsenal and Liverpool and not to mention the ferocious winning goal against Spurs on his debut, from no fewer than 30 yards; you could say many thing could be expected from this sublime talent.

Unfortunately the second didn't go as well as a lack of consistency seemed to be reason for the lack of spark provided by Nani.But following the departure of fellow Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo, It seemed that Nani could become the no.1 attacking threat from at least the midfield, if not the team. But yet again after a good start to the season which included goals against Chelsea and Wigan,Nani's inconsistency hit him hard as he yet again found himself second fiddle to Valencia;who's lack of spark is made up with his overall consistency.

Nani later descirbed his lack of form due to the inconsistent game time handed to him by manager Sir Alex Ferguson. he explained to the Portuguese media that he was frustrated with the Coach and is not willing to be on the bench/not playing at all much longer.

So what next????

Basically before he signed I watched him a few times for Sporting Lisbon and he was very good. And even in some spells for the Red Devils he has been brilliant. So could this be the time for Nani to prove his worth. Well I'm going to sadly say it HAS to be the time. Now I'm a man for giving people time but I think he has had a lot of time to get everything together and I think the only way to get Luis Nani Da Cunha is to play him consistently where he wants to play. Which from my view is on either wing. Predominately right but left is fine if Sir Alex want to play Valencia now and again. And after watching him play two crucial games for Portugal and being very good in both games shows me he is ready.

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  1. I think you're right. Now is the time for him to step up and show us, and more importantly Sir Alex Ferguson, what he is made of. I would love to see him succeed, and there's no doubting that on his day, he is a brilliant footballer with a lot of potential. Consistency has been his major problem, so I think he needs to put in a more consistent effort over a period of time, and not just keep giving flashes of brilliance.