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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sir Alex Ferguson's lack of foresight ???

United's Champions League squad numbers in full are: 1.Van der Sar, 2.Neville, 3.Evra, 4.Hargreaves, 5.Ferdinand, 6.Brown, 7.Owen, 9.Berbatov, 10.Rooney, 11.Giggs, 12.Foster, 13.Park, 15.Vidic, 16.Carrick, 17.Nani, 18.Scholes, 20.Fabio, 21.Rafael, 22.O'Shea, 24.Fletcher, 25.Valencia, 26.Obertan, 27.Macheda, 28.Gibson, 29.Kuszczak.

Additional players registered*: 8.Anderson, 19.Welbeck, 23.J.Evans, 31.C.Evans, 33.Hewson, 36.Gray, 37.Cathcart, 38.Zieler, 39.Chester, 40.Amos.

*UEFA rules permit any player born on or after 1 January 1988 who has been eligible to play for the club for any uninterrupted period of two years since his 15th birthday to be registered outside of the 25-man squad limit.

That was the press release from, in regards to their champions league squad for this season, and now, on the eve of the 2nd last group stage game, we are in the enviable position of a safe pathway to the knockout rounds, with only our position as group winners or runner's up yet to be confirmed. But of this squad, how many are yet to see game time?
Cathcart, Chester, Corey Evans, Zieler, Amos, gray and Hewson are doubtful to see any game time, with their place amongst this squad seemingly no more than a motivational carrot to dangle infront of the youngsters eyes. So much so, Cathcart, Gray, Amos are on loan, Chester is out with cartilage damage, and Zieler, Hewson and Evans are getting games for the reserves. So why didn't Tosic make the squad??

Enter the controversial figures of Owen Hargreaves and Kiko Macheda. Owen was chosen ahead of Zoran even when he was injured, in a move that could have proved to be vital to the progress of Owen's recupperation as well as the team's progress, if we had struggled. But neither scenario came to fruition, and sir alex must be kicking himself that he can't throw zoran into a game against a top side, esp given the form he's shown in recent weeks, playing well for Serbia, a WC2010 outside chance, and at the other end of the spectrum, UNited's reserves, in which he scored twice to seal the points.

I hear you asking, why did you involve Macheda in this administrative mess??
So the rule states that the players in the B list must be born on or after 01/01/1988, and must have been eligble to play for the club for 2 or more uninterupted years since his 15th birthday.
Enter Kiko macheda, born 22 august 1991, transfered and elgible to play for Man United since 15th September 2007. So by the time the first champions' league game rolled around, Kiko would've been at the club for 2 years, would be eligible for the B list, which would have let Tosic onto the A list, and we would probably have been able to see him play tomorrow night. Which given his skill level and speed of foot, would have been a pleasure to watch.

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