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Thursday, December 10, 2009

All 3 Strikers?

Michael Owen's hat trick against Wolfsburg has certainly done wonders for his chances of being included in the England squad, but it also raises the question as to whether he should be included regularly in the United line up. A possible way that this could work is if a 5-2-1-2 formation, which sounds irregular on the surface, was implimented.

------------------Van Der Sar--------------------

The defensive structure allows Park and Evra, our two best choices as Wing Backs, the freedom to charge down the wings, but still in position to deal with any attacks down the flanks. The box would also have 3 defenders inside it to deal with aerial threats coming from the wings, and anything coming in the middle.

Fletcher and Anderson would both play a more defensive role in the midfield, so that there is some presence in the centre of the park, and since Berbatov would essentially be an attacking midfielder, minimal attacking help is needed from them.

Our attack would be set up in such a way that each striker's best attributes are used. Berbatov's creativity and class, as well as his ability to draw defenders, would give Owen and Rooney more space to work in. Rooney would play out slightly towards the left and behind Owen, to allow Berbatov the option of putting the ball out to Rooney, or going directly through to Owen, bringing an element of surprise. On some occasions, he could even shoot from outside the 18 yard box himself.

This formation, I feel, best accommodates for all 3 of our strikers, and would also make it tough for opposing teams, as their strikers would struggle with our defence, and their defence would have a tough time dealing with the powerful force of Owen, Rooney and Berbatov.

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