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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wolfsburg - Match Preview

Squad: Tomasz Kuszczak, Ben Foster, Patrice Evra, Oliver Gill, Gabriel Obertan, Magnus Eikrem, Paul Scholes, Darron Gibson, Antonio Valencia, Michael Carrick, Matty James, Darren Fletcher, Ji-sung Park, Anderson, Cameron Stewart, Nani, Oliver Norwood, Michael Owen, Danny Welbeck.

Kuszczak should be, and probably will be, played as Goalkeeper. with our makeshift defence in place, a commanding keeper who is not afraid to order the defence around is absolutely vital, and i feel Kuszczak does that better than Foster.

my choice for a back four would include Evra at Left Back, Gill and Carrick at Centre Back, and Fletcher at Right Back. Fletch is capable of playing Right Back, and Carrick is an experienced, composed player who has a killer pass that could set up a number of attacks from defence. Evra is an obvious choice at Left Back, and playing Gill in such a tough situation will develop him mentally as a player enormously.

with the overload of midfielders named in the squad, and the fact that we are playing away in Europe, i would assume that 5 will be used. in my opinion, Nani and Park should be used on the wings to add pace, and in Park's case, defensive help for Fletcher who is playing in a foreign position. Gibson should be used in a defensive role the centre, as our central pairing of Gill and Carrick will need some sort of help from the midfield, and Gibson is best qualified to do that. since Sir Alex has stated that top spot is not essential, and also because we are already through, why not experiment by starting Matty James and Oliver Norwood in the Centre?? Norwood, an attacking player, combined with Gibson and James, both more defensive players, could prove an effective trio. if worst comes to worst and they are an absolute disaster, Carrick could switch with one of them, particuarly James and Gibson since they have both indicated they would be happy to play in defence. however, if they do perform respectably, the experience gained from playing a quality side away in the Champions League would be extremely valuable.

Owen is best suited to playing as the lone striker up front rather than Welbeck, and his experienced head will come in handy with a mostly inexperienced midfield.

as far as substitutions go, Obertan could come on to play either as a second striker or on the wing if more pace is needed. Valencia could come on for Park or Nani if need be, and Eikrem could also be tried at some stage. if it turns out that more experience is required on the pitch, then Scholes could also be brought on.




Subs: Foster, Eikrem, Obertan, Valencia, Scholes, Anderson, Welbeck

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