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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The "forgotten men" of United

Now that the team is starting to gel together a little more and come up with some decent results, the question has to be asked as to why some players are being left out of the side on a regular basis. Players such as Owen, Berbatov, Anderson, Kuszczak and Gibson, amongst others, have been forgotten about of late.

Since Van Der Sar's return from injury, both Tomasz Kuszczak and Ben Foster have been relegated, with Van Der Sar being treated as a walk-up starter despite Kuszczak's strong performances. Foster was given his chance early in the season to show what he can do, and he didn't perform anywhere near as well as a #1 United keeper should. Since then, we've seen next to nothing of him.

A while ago we saw Darron Gibson starting on a semi-regular basis, and the goals he scored certainly didn't do him any harm. However, we have not seen much of him since then. Anderson is in a similar category, and could be on the way out. Also, let's not forget Rodrigo Possebon, who has of course been setback by his less than successful loan spell at Braga.

Since his arrival at the start of the 08-09 season, Dimitar Berbatov has been subject to scrutiny about whether he is the type of player that is required at United. For most of this season, he has been starting alongside Rooney, however as the 4-3-3 formation is becoming more frequent, Berbatov has been left out of the squad more frequently. Same story for Michael Owen, although he was always the #3 striker, the role now seemingly taken by Mame Biram Diouf.

Big question-marks hang over these players' heads, bar Kuszczak, and in some of their cases, if they don't improve this half of the season, they could be on their way during the summer transfer market.


  1. I couldn't agree anymore... although I do honestly think there is a place in the squad for both Gibson & Anderson... While I've been a defender of Berbatov since his transfer, I'm very quickly losing faith in the big

  2. For me Gibson has a future for definate the only problem for him his Carrick and Fletcher seem to be playing extremely well at the moment added with Scholes, Gibson just needs to bide his time.

    Anderson for me has put a nail in his own Old Trafford career by going awol to Brazil for and trying to get Vasco to buy him from us how the hell are they going to afford to do that.

    Owen was never going to be more than an impact sub to be honest and he hasnt done too badly but not lit the great stage aswell

    Kuszczak has done very well and Foster you havent seen him lately becuase he has been injured again and when it come to Van Der Sar you have to agree that neither player comes up to his standard of ability

    Berbatov for me just hasn't cut the mustard this year I gave him the benifit of the doubt last season but 8 goals this season is not ebough for a £30m striker but its not his goal scoring rate that gets me its his lack of commitment that does he never seems bothered about busting a gut like Rooney or Fletcher for the cause

    Robi Prosser

  3. I don't think Foster did anything impressive when he was fit. People thought I was mad when i sad Kuszczak was a far better option than Foster, but I think people might finally be coming around...

  4. Tommi K is much better than Foster, and it showed. But goalkeeping for a side like Man United, is alot different from keeping for anyone else, because man united are hardly ever really 'under the cosh', and the keeper struggles to stay away, usually and has to be alert enough to keep out the 1 or 2 shots per game, whereas england can use foster, cos he's good at making 6-10 saves a game,