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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green & Gold United

With the Glazer's seemingly doing their utmost to laden the club with so much debt that it's crippled, whilst making a handy some of money annually themselves, United fans are mobilizing against the American tycoons once again. But will it do anything?

The phrase "Love United, Hate Glazer" has been an ever present, I've often used it, but regardless of how unpopular they may be, the Glazer's show no signs of packing up and leaving rainy Manchester for sunnier shores abroad. The green and gold "Newton Heath" protests are a great idea for showing the fans dissatisfaction with the current ownership regime, it will do little to force the Glazer's out the gates, in fact it could entice them to extend their stay.

Although completely unconfirmed at this stage, it appears that many protesters, have purchased their green and gold kits, scarves, beanies etc etc from the Manchester United club megastore, effectively placing their money into the pockets of Malcolm Glazer and co. If this is true, it's a complete embarrassment to those of us who are vociferous opposers of the Glazer regime and have protested their ownership of club since 2003 when Malcolm started gradually buying out shareholders.

Let's hope that these unconfirmed rumors remain just that, and are not true. The thought of well meaning people, real fans of the people's club, one of the biggest clubs in the world, aren't continuing to fund the ownership regime of the Glazer family.

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