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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Player Numbers

For next season I think we will be completely different. I feel some people will move on like Vidic and Berbatov, and some people will become more influential like Macheda,Smalling and Tosic. I also feel some player will retire even if they are keeping it quiet at the moment. I believe that some of these you may find a bit odd, but it's down to your opinion.

1-Kuszczak 17-Obertan
2-Rafael 18-Amos
3-Evra 19-Welbeck
4-Hargreaves 20-fabio
5-Ferdinand 21-Petrucci
6-Brown 22-O'shea
7-Nani 23-Evans
8-Anderson 24-Fletcher
9-Benzema 25-Valencia
10-Rooney 26-Zieler
11-Giggs 27-Cleverly
12-Macheda 28-Gibson
13-Park 29-Eikrem
14-Tosic 30-De Laet
15-Smalling 31-King
16-Carrick 32-Diouf



Some of it may be a bit of a fairytale i.e-Benzema. But i remain hopeful and as for the Golden oldies i think that the likes of Neville and Scholes should hang their boots up as they havent been at their best in recent years. And as for Van Der Sar i just really think Tomasz should be given a go. Of all the times I have seen him he has looked well assured. Even when he was No.3 Behind Foster he never gave up and proved to us. I also think Next year will be the start of consistent performances for the likes of Diouf,M


  1. I think Edwin Van Der Sar will have one more season, same for the likes of Neville, Scholes etc etc Giggs hasn't looked off the pace yet this season, so could quite reasonably have two or three more years in him. Don't think Owen will be shipped out after just one year, and I couldn't stand to see Nani wear the No. 7. He's talented no doubt, but he's very temperamental and i think the pressure and expectation of No. 7 would bring him undone...

  2. Well mr.Bowls if I am correct i believe 2 of our greatest No.7's were quite tempermental. Are you telling me that Cristino Ronaldo and Eric Cantona never got in any trouble???
    As for the other players i was just being hopeful because i know for sure that Scholes and Giggs won't be retiring anytime soon, and as for Edwin I just wan't to giuve Tomasz a chance because he has been very solid when in goal.

  3. I While I agree with Tomasz deserving a chance, I'm positive Van Der Sar would continue to be exemplerary... as for my comment on Nani, i didn't say that temperament ruins all players, some players are just a lot more fragile than others. In my opinion Nani looks very fragile and any added pressure would only increase the sporadicy of his good performances...