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Friday, February 5, 2010

Vidic is crucial to our squad, and Sir Alex isn't stupid enough to let him go.

Articles like this one i found on the mirror football website really annoy me. We don't need Hunterlaar, we do need Berbatov, and Owen has a job to do this, and next year. Vidic is an integral part of the squad, and Sir Alex is no fool, he won't let him leave. Even when the player himself says he and his wife are happy, and have nothing to complain about in Manchester,the journalists don't drop the story, and the latest rumour, combining the "Hunterlaar to United" and "Vidic to warmer climate" might be a smoke and mirrors, like the Ronaldo saga last season, but this is ridiculous.

1) Why would Sir Alex really look to get rid of Nemanja Vidic, he is without doubt our number 1 "attacking defender".With Chris Smalling playing like a young version Rio Ferdinand, Johny Evans looks more likly to one day fill the SERBS boots.
No doubt Johny Evans has done an excellent job filling in, but at his age, he still requires someone to learn from, and letting Vidic go at such a critical stage of Evans' development would see him struggle to attain the heights that he could one day reach, and leave United without a serious longterm defensive option.

2) The more pressing concern is the average age of our defensive line and the length of time required by players to recover from injury.
Other than Patrice Evra and Ritchie de Laet, all of our defensive unit have had injuries over the past 5 months, and it has not been simply an age related problem,
James Chester, Rhys Brown, Rafael, Fabio, Cathcart and the more experienced
players are picking up more niggles and are consequently missing more games due to near constant injury threat.

With Red-Nev now 34, Rio 31, Brown 30, Vidic 28, O'Shea 28 and Evra 28, there is a very real problem that all our experienced defenders are getting closer to the "wrong side" of the big "3_0". And our young bunch, are exactly that, very young, Evans is the oldest of the group at 22, Smalling, Cathcart, Chester, Dudjeon, Gray, Brown and the younger Evans are all 20 or 21 and very inexperienced.

Loosing a player like Vidic, especially when Gary Neville is also expected to retire this May, is down-right daft, even if we go out and splash the cash on Gary Cahill, Simon Kjaer or Chiellini, we'd lack defensive cohesion, and selling him to a European giant would confirm most United fans worst fears, that United have become a selling club.

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