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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm done defending Berbatov!!

Since day one, when all the speculation began linking us with a move for Tottenham's Dimitar Berbatov, I've been excited by the prospect of a tall, silky, classy Bulgarian frontman playing foil for the energetic and bouncy Wayne Rooney in United's attacking third.

Even as Daniel Levy levelled accusations of "tapping up" at the club and Sir Alex, the excitement built, the prospect of my dream forward partnership coming together seemed tantalisingly close.
Then he arrived. Despite a brief and albeit unrealistic flirtation with losing our man to City, Berbatov arrived at Old Trafford. Or did he?

The silky skills and nonchalant brilliance all of a sudden seemed nothing but laziness, the aura of perfection, of superiority soon became arrogance, and misplaced arrogance at that. Having watched Berbatov squander yet another big game this past week against Chelsea and then flop heavily in an important clash at Ewood Park against Blackburn, I simply cannot defend Dimitar anymore. I have begun re-living the nightmare's I had in 2001 when we brought in a similarly exciting Uruguayan, someone who promised so much, Diego Forlan.

The genuine excitement I felt at securing Forlan from Independiente over rode that for which I had for the other major transfers of that period, namely Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Laurent Blanc and Juan Sebastien Veron. I think we can all look at those transfers and see who went where and who went no where. In fairness, I should also point out that Sir Alex brought in Roy Carroll that summer to.

Getting back to my point, When you think Forlan only cost us 7.5m while Berbatov set us back nearly 31m, I think i know which transfer has let me down more. Moreover, Berbatov hasn't scored two against the Scousers.

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