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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scorer of Great Goals or Great Scorer of Goals?

Has Dimitar Berbatov finally become a great scorer of goals instead of a scorer of Great goals? To early to tell, but one can only hope!

Last season, Wayne Rooney finally found the ability to spread out his goal scoring form across most of the season, scoring 34 goals in 44 appearances. This coincided with a marked improvement in the players all round finishing, and the control he displayed when directing the ball towards goal with his head was simply delightful.  Coupled with Wayne's form was the return of the out-and-out winger, Antonio Valencia, who took on the opposition defence to get a cross into the 18 yard box for either Wayne, Dimitar or Michael Owen to get on the end of.   

Rooney's Clinical Demolition of AC Milan
 in last season's Champions League 
Many people feared that the dual departures of the previous summer, Ronaldo to Real and Tevez to City, would see United's goals dry up and right from the outset, the media were sharpening their knifes to castigate Sir Alex for not adding to his pool of strikers. They had already branded Berbatov as an expensive flop and had placed the weight of expectation firmly on Rooney's shoulders. What had once been a side set up to get the most out of Cristiano Ronaldo, was now being remoulded to supply Wayne with enough opportunities to score goals.

A season latter, it is now Dimitar Berbatov who has started the season with a bang, scoring regularly and with much skill and finesse. Though Wayne Rooney's physical and mental problems, resulting from injury, poor world cup performances and off field shenanigans, have allowed Dimitar more time and space on the field, it can be said without hesitation that Berbatov has finally found the right physical and mental state to perform at his peak for United. In his first and second seasons, average and mediocre performances were interspersed with delightful pieces of skill and dazzling tricks, flicks and finishes that fans and photographers alike love to see. 

Berba's Overheard Screamer vs the hapless Liverpool 
Some people like to think of Dimitar as  Cantona MKII, but in his 6 seasons at the club, Cantona never managed to score more than 20 goals a season in the Premier League, his best being 18 in 1993-94, where he ended up scoring 25 from 49 appearances in all competitions. Hopefully, Dimitar Berbatov can  recall the heady days at Bayer and at least double his total of goals from last season. A feat, at his current rate, he is well on the way of doing. 

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