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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Departure of a Lost Soul

Wayne Rooney has been in most supporters eyes a hero at Old Trafford in the 5 or so years he' s been at the club. However, the imminent departure of our No.10 is in my view not as bad as first thought. First of all-I by no means see him leaving in January, this is due to many reasons but predominantly because he his cup-tied in the Champions League. I do however believe, if a club like Manchester City or Real Madrid go to a bidding war in the summer in which the result is United end up with 60+ million pounds I would be very happy. Some people may say even if we get that money we wont spend it, but i think that this money could be the last Sir Alex Ferguson has to spend in his so called 'rebuilding'.
In result we wouldn't splash all the cash on one player, but possibly make Berbatov our new number 10?
Promote Nani to more of a Ronaldo esc leader.....No.7 perhaps.
Then possibly go and buy a goal scoring/hard working striker... Aguero? Benzema? Suarez? Torres?
 In my opinion I would be over the moon if we did some sort of money+trade for Rooney in which we'd get a little bit of cash and Carlos Tevez. He doesn't seem that happy at City and he is truly inspiring in his work ethic and technical ability.

All in all, some may think its bleak times ahead for United, but if managed correctly by Ferguson it could be an exciting progression for Manchester United, and possibly the last of Sir Alex's time at this great club.

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  1. I wouldn't want Tevez anywhere near United ever again!