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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Take on the Rooney Rumblings

1) Why has this happened?
a)if he claims his relationship with Sir Alex has deteriorated to such an extent that he can't "operate" he'd have to leave, whether or not this is a Glazer conspired sale to generate money, is quite far fetched, as it wouldn't be in their best interests to let rooney go, and contrarily would do their best to make sure he stays. So all the LUHG-fans are wrong in thinking that the glazers would be so short sighted. 
b) The "ankle injury" debacle, i believe, was simply a case of Sir Alex not wanting to damage the confidence of a player out of form. SAF knew that Wayne wouldn't get dropped from the England XI, but also realised that he was not in good enough form to command a starting place in the United XI, given the form of Berba and Hernandez. It also ties in with the fact that Sir Alex wanted Wayne to sort out/ rehabilitate his relationship with his wife. Wayne's comments to the press after the England game just go to show how clueless he can sometimes be! 
2) Why is he going? 
a) he claims that the Club's ambitions don't match his own, but fails to realise that like all players, he was a young player that SAF took a rather costly gamble on. The MUFC tradition of buying young and 'rebuilding' is what makes the club unique, not just buying established superstars. Rooney's impatience  and unwillingness to be apart of SAF's 4th side, 2011/12, and desire for more cash ( justified to the extent that he is potentially a world class player), epitomizes almost all that is wrong with the game in the modern era. There used to be a time when a great player would see it as the ultimate compliment, that he has been chosen to be the club's "name" Superstar, and having a team set up to make the most of your abilities. Given the way he embraced life after Ronaldo and Tevez, one would think he liked/preferred to be the single Top Dog, but obviously he neither has the character nor the temperament to write his name in history. Players like Maradona, Pele, and to an extent Gerrard and Kaka, have all been the single source of all that is great for their respective clubs. It's not a matter of being a "one man team", but allowing the manager to trust in your attributes on the pitch to place you in  a position of tactical importance.    
b) the actions of Paul Stretford, ( quite a dodgy  character) are simply repeating, he pulled the same stunt to engineer Rooney's move to united from Everton, and he's simply doing his best to futher his clients' career. 

3) Where should he go? 
 Banner seen briefly at Old Trafford vs Bursaspoor
a) I hope he doesn't stay in England, because that would be almost unbearable for most fans, and it'd really signal that he's a "money grabbing whore". It would also make the matches against that club much more feisty  : ) 
 b) if he goes to City or Chelsea, in his current form, he wouldn't get a starting place. more benchwarming! 
c) Doubt he'd get into Mourinho's Real, nor Guardiola's Barca
d) AC Milan don't need any more attackers, Inter could really use him, now that they've lost Ballotelli. I hope he goes to Inter, it'd be weird to see how Benitez uses him alongside Eto'o, Sneijder, Milito, Pandev and the rest. 

4) How much is he worth, what kind of deal? 
- In form, i think he's worth about 60mil Euros, not as good as Ronaldo, but certainly as good as Ibra, and Kaka. 
- I'd like to see a sum of around 50/55 now, or maybe 40 plus a player, etc etc. 
Wouldn't mind selling him to Liverpool if we could get Torres in return, even if it meant us spending money!    ( how's that for ambition, wayne!)

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