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Sunday, October 17, 2010

True Fans

Do "True Fans" support their sides blindly through thick and thin, or is critical analysis the mark of loyalty? 

With the line " Rooney is more important to United than Sir Alex, in the long run" and other wild rumours flying around cyberspace, the fan forums and message boards are alight with the theme of 'loyalty'. Declaring anyone who has anything remotely critical to say as ABUs, whether it be about the side's performance, Sir Alex's selections, transfer policy, Rooney's not-so-personal affairs.But is this fair? Why do supporters believe that other supporters can't have contrary opinions to the manager and still remain loyal? Isn't the critical analysis of the managers decision's  and comparison of players' performance what intra-club discussions are all about?

Short sighted fans, 'blinded by the guiding light' are a shame to the good name of Manchester United, who encourage players, staff and fans to be well rounded individuals, who'll keep their wits about them and act in a cool calm and rational manner.  The ability to take the emotions out of analysing the performance of the team, and their abilities, whether it be individually or collectively, requires rationally reasoned arguments not emotionally charged statements of love, hate or indifference.  The ability for a fan to accept that their team had a shocker, or deserved to be defeated is a quality, I believe is the mark of a true, loyal fan. Its not a question of optimism, pessimism or realism, which is more of a mark of the man than his support, but rather a question of intellect over emotion. Its a problem some of United's younger fans, still flushed from the heady days of back-to-back-to-back Premier League titles and back-to-back Champions League final appearances have yet to fully experience.

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