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Monday, January 31, 2011

Berba "Haters", Really?

With 19 goals already, Berbatov has definitely been some kind of revelation for Man United this season. Fair to say Berbatov ensured United stay unbeaten in the league after his beautifully crafted goal in the 87th minute won the game for United against Blackpool. Surely Berbatov has been our savior this season, be it the Liverpool game where he scored 1st of his 3 hat tricks this season. Without a doubt for many people Berbatov has finally started to justify his 30 odd million pound price tag that he came to Old Trafford with in the year 2008.
Now that Berbatov has started to score goals in heaps, people who “hated” him are in love with him. This has been the hot topic recently. Everytime Berbatov rescues United from a defeat we hear echoes from fans who admired Berbatov always saying “where are they Berba haters now?” But did people really ‘hate’ him? Many times people take criticism as hatred, which is wrong. The reason Berba was criticized was he was not scoring much. And in “much” I mean in terms of the money he was bought. With mere 12 goals in first season and his being lazy attitude, Berba was criticized by many. Rightly so, but that doesn’t mean they hated him.
The reason why these same people are in love with him is simply because they can see how hard Berba is trying on field. Not only he is scoring, he is also playing deep, helping defend, and also fighting to get the ball back. Perfect example can be seen in the Giggs goal against Birmingham recently. He fought with gravity and his opponent, to get the ball and give it to Rooney which resulted in a goal. No one doubted his ability and no one surprised he is doing so well because everyone knew he is one of the most gifted players. It’s just that people criticized him before and now are loving him. Hate is a strong and wrong term to describe the fans. I wish him good luck for rest of the season and United’s bid to win the 19th.

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