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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ajax Cape Town vs. Manchester United

The way United played today was appalling to be honest. Sure its the pre-season and the boss has put out a very young, relatively inexperienced team but winning and losing football matches has a psychological effect on the entire squad and it gives haters an idiotic reason to hate. Most supporters would agree that they are relieved that we ended up drawing the match instead of losing it. In the ratings, I will point out players that stood out and players that were so horrible that it is frightening to see them included in the team.

Amos(GK) - 7.0 - Ben Amos had a great game! He is still young and is behind De Gea and Lindegaard in the order but I saw a promising player today. He pulled of several great saves and his reactions are great. I am not entirely sure how tall he is but his height may be bit of a disadvantage when it comes to picking a GK. The goal that he conceded was a deviation from normality. A flick off the boots that beat him could have gone anywhere. It was a defender's responsibility to cover the far post, so they should be blamed.

Vermijl(RB) - 7.5 - This was an excellent performance from the lad. I reckon the RB position is pretty secure for the years to come. Apart from CB like Smalling and Jones covering the RB position, we have Rafael, Veseli and now Vermijl, I can say that the Rb position has plenty of resources to fill it whenever required. The young player of the match for me. His pass in the 92nd minute led to the equaliser and he consistently hooked up with Valencia on the right wing.

Wootton and Ferdinand(CB) - 7.0 - Both centre backs played pretty well today. Ferdinand didn't have much to do and was relatively solid. He wasn't really tested so I can't really say he played well. Wootton on the other hand was impressive. He is an upcoming star for United and we may see more of him in the season. He looks to be a menacing header with a lot of power - prodigy to Vidic?

Blackett(LB) - 7.0 - We surely need a new LB in the near future to fill Evra's boots. Evra's defensive positioning is horrible, but maybe 5 years down the line Blackett is an excellent talent. He has the physique required and he has a lot of balance. Played a few one-twos with Carrick in the second half. His positioning defensively was great and he did run through the left flank. An encouraging start for Blackett.

Carrick and Scholes - 6.5 - Another skill full performance by the duo of Carrick and Scholes. Both are getting plenty of playing time so SAF probably expects to use them throughout the season. Both performed well and did what they were supposed to, i.e. gave plenty of protection to the defence and were the focal points for the beginning of attacks. I think Scholes and Carrick played very well with Kagawa, feeding him the ball to initiate the play.

valencia - 6.5 - Our new #7 played like one. He was aggressive and fast. Skillfull on the ball and intelligent without it, Valencia will tear down the right hand side of any team next season.

Kagawa - 8.0 - On his first full debut, Kagawa, is my Man of the Match. A brilliant player exhibiting his talents and was a treat to watch him on the ball. he looked like a new and improved Paul Scholes. Kagawa played the game with balance, finesse, intelligence, agility and great ability. He was very unlucky to have not headed the ball into the back of the net, but other than the missed opportunity, Kagawa is a beacon of hope for the new season. Time and again, he made several passes to Chicharito, Anderson, Scholes, Carrick and Valencia to put United on the front foot. A very exciting player. Just thinking about key passes to Rooney gives me goosebumps.

Anderson - 6.0 - Still having a bad time in my opinion. He is a player with a lot of potential but he needs to streamline. The opposition triple teamed him in many occasions today, indicating what oppositions think of him as a dangerous player but surely he can perform much better.

Chicharito - 4.0 - Please someone explain to me what is happening with this idiot! I lost track of how many golden opportunities he squandered. Is he a 1 season wonder? His close control is shit. His awareness is flawed, and as usual he strayed offside quite a number of times. Welbeck is young and Berbatov is moody. Considering this Rooney is the only striker we can count on. Surely Rooney is no CR7 to net 50+ times in one season. Things look bleak in attack at the moment and a RVP signature would be welcome with arms wide open. This man, right here cost us a win.

Substitutes - Berbatov didn't do much today but I think he is a very underrated player and keeping him would actually benefit us. I like the Bulgarian and his good games win us matches. Tunicliffe has got heart. He is a true red devil at heart, born from the same mould as Keane. I predict that he will be a strong attacker one day and a future United captain. Nick Powell also had an amazing debut and his two bright moments are evidence of why SAF paid such an amount for a mere 18 year old. He is surely one of the brightest prospects in England and a certain pivotal player in the forthcoming years. Bebe - he is bit like our very own Balotelli. From the time he came on till a few seconds before he scored the equaliser, the internet was swarmed with abuses ridiculing him. Certain people called him a "POOR MAN'S HESKEY" while others claimed "BEBE HAS NO RETURN TICKET". Sure reading such things was amusing but the moment he netted that goal, the whole of United loved him. I think he has some potential but not so much as Balotelli that his theatrics will be tolerated. He needs to work hard and concentrate on his game if he were to feature in the squad at any point this season. Thank you for the equaliser.

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  1. I agree with all your ratings except for Anderson's... I think he had more of a 5/10 game I also think Carrick and Scholes deserve better :)

    I especially feel the same way about Chicharito, and the only thing that keeps me from abusing him is that he is a very nice guy with a genuinely good heart and desire

    I think if RVP was signed, it could be the end of Welbeck as I doubt Welbeck would want to figure into a top side as a substitute after his Euro 2012 campaign. I woul
    d prefer o splash the cash for Lucas who is young and adaptable.