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Monday, October 8, 2012

Thoughts: Away v Newcastle

Things I observed from the game:
1)I was really impressed by the passing, movement and general play in possession last night.
2)It was great to see some quality from the corners, Rooney and RvP and great at getting the ball to curve in, and it justifies the centre backs coming up to attack it. Scoring from them, with such thumping headers is a bonus and shows the improvement in Evans and Evra's approach to them. The first goal put Newcastle on the back foot and Evra's killed them off. it was a great start.  
Evans celebrates scoring the opener.
3) Rooney is a great trequartista, and he will soon start bursting into the space between the strikers to get on the end of passes/crosses as well, as he gets fitter and more confident. It was great to see him supporting the defense as well as creating chances for the strikers. If he would shoot a bit more from distance, i think he's good enough to score 10+ goals this season from outside the box.
4) cleverley and kagawa were really good in possession and the combination of those two plus rooney and carrick was really solid and great at winning back possession.the speed at which they closed down tiote, cabaye as well as ensure that Ben arfa, Ba and Cisse never had too much time on the ball, or time to turn(other than that one occasion-i can't remember too many other threat that originated through the middle)
 5) bringing valencia on at that time was really smart, it allowed us to spread the game a bit wider, stretch the defenders to stave off any pressure they built up, calm it down and see it out. anderson and hernandez will be our attacking options off the bench, for when we need to chase a game or get a goal, while giggs and scholes really help, through their experience, to make sure we stay calm and ensure we go home with the points.
6) some people were saying on FB and on twitter that Kagawa had a quiet game, but given the quality in our attacking third, he's bound to occasionally get outshone. More rotations between cleverley, rooney and kagawa might make his performance stand out more, as i think he prefers to play through the middle than out on the right. His role is it play in the final balls/provide assists and keep moving the ball at a good speed; which he did really well.
7) the defensive effort was immense, rio and evans are getting better as a partnership, and rafael is starting to look more comfortable and confident, though Ben Arfa did get in a few crosses that he maybe could have done a bit better on, but he did make a few blocks. Evra was particularly good- this is the kind of performance that a little competition for places brings out of him as neither ben arfa nor gutierrez   really got much of a look in on our left side.
8) the amount of yellow cards is a worry; the rate at which we are picking them up for really stupid things is annoying, and could be costly if we lose a player to suspension.
9) wtf is going on between Cabaye and RvP? I think Robin would be lucky to get away with that and i wouldn't be complaining if he was given a couple of games suspension for that.
10) the ball did not cross the line- it was a great piece of goalkeeping from David, and it would've been wrong if that was given.
11) it's good to see David come out and try to command his defensive zone, and although i still get a bit nervous when he comes out with the single fist punch, i think his defensive organizational capabilities are underestimated and his reading of the dangers/threats from opponents sets him above Anders in my eyes.
12) i don't care if cleverley meant it or not, it was a great time to score and it ended up being a pretty good goal.

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