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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News re: Sir Alex

Mark Ogden at the Telegraph is reporting that Sir Alex is seriously considering his position at United.
Others are rationalizing that given the state of his health, given he is expected to have surgery on his hip over the summer added to his existing heart condition and trouble with excessive travelling, it seems his old promise that he'd only quit for his health might be coming true. He has also indicated that he'd only retire if the squad was balanced and "on the up", and that he'd leave on a high and that he'd never announce his retirement too far in advance.

Given that all of these condition have been to an extent been met, the conclusion reached by pundits, bookmakers and punters alike is logical and reasonable. I however, don't think it'll happen so soon. I think it's more likely that Sir Alex is going to continue for at least a season, but is taking a short break to get his health back to order, and he's leaving the side to his team of assistants under a new number 2.

As for the odds on David Moyes being the next United manager being slashed, I don't think it would be a great idea bringing in a guy who has optimized the performance of a mid range club, rebuilt their squad  multiple times over his tenure, but has failed to win a trophy and has only once finished in the top 4- though they got knocked out in the qualifying round. No doubt he's deserving of a chance at a bigger club, with title aspirations, but having never had the chance to spend serious money or challenge for trophies on multiple fronts, i think the risk involved will be too great, especially as the club is a "somewhat" listed company, though it is still under the control of the Glazers.

A manager with no links to United would be a big risk and will have crippling pressure on him from all sides, something i don't think someone like Moyes could handle. A safer option would be to allow someone like Ryan Giggs or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to have a pressure free crack at the top job, in which they either prove themselves to be the next Pep Guardiola, or finish a season or two without damaging their long term prospects in the managerial game, while someone like Moyes or Bruce goes off to Germany/Turkey/Ukraine/Spain/Russia to get some serious champions league experience before getting their own chance at the job.

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